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Not so long ago you knew your fate regarding your academic performance.For some, things went as they wished and for some it was the opposite.But as Trent Shelton Said, your current situation is not your final destination.Well sometimes life is a tragedy and you have to be prepared for any challenge life throws at you.It might not have went your way.It will probably be heartbreaking when you see some of your friends go to varsity/college.Dont be hard on yourself, its said sometimes life takes you to darker places, where you experience the hardest storms.Truth is successful people aren’t always those who fit in the community.They are those who create, they are innovaters they beat the odds.

Nothing in life is worth coming easy.Were not all meant for the same thing.Its either you let your struggles conquer you or you conquer your struggles.Learn from your mistakes.

Clean slate


Many of us went through trying times in the past year, loss of loved ones, financial difficulty etc. For the mere fact that we’re in this new year its a blessing, im greatful that I’ve got a new chance a new opportunity, what I with it is up to me. But what I’ve learned is never to depend on another person. I’m the only one that can bring my dreams to life, leaving that to the second person is just a give away of ones dreams. The time is now not next year not when I have capital/money, these do not follow you, you have to work to have it come to you. whatever little you do at least you wont be where you were yesterday, so much is yet to happen. The change is you.

People take until there is no more to give, yes help but do not stretch yourself out. There is only so much you can do about someone else’s situation, there are those who sit back and relax as you help them whereas they could be learning to do it themselves. Do as much as you can and move, we tend to procrastinate our own tasks in order to please others. well PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME and now its day 3 of 365. Use it wisely.

Favourite aunt


We all have that aunt who just does it for us, best chats, shopping, diary (secret keeper) but how about you become your childs best friend/confidant? My daughters and I are practically best friends, yesterday in our drive back home I couldn’t help but noticed how they all wanted to be seated close to me. These girls are my all, so is my son. I mean they want to do everything that I do, they know the love we share, Eden is only five years old but would hold up my business card and say “mommy im in your team in this right?” best feeling ever. Even as I rebuke them when they do wrong, they know its out of love. Now Lissar just wants to “hang” with me, without everyone else of cause. One on One time with each child is very important but spending time all together is precious, they lean to share mommy and build bonds.

Now I’m the favourite aunt/mommy they come to me for anything and everything lipstick, deodorant, you name it. Love is a beautiful that they should learn and know it from home. Growing up knowing what to expect from people, knowing your worth is the best gift you can give to any child, they know not to take any sort of ill treatment from anybody.  Well nourishment comes from within, just by the look of their eyes you can tell there is love and trust, they smile with their eyes first before anything. This bond should be kept alive for the rest of their lives, they don’t have to go out to look for love when they have it at home, love will find them. Of cause you’ll have people judging you from your parenting style but listen only you can love your child it doesn’t matter if someone feels like you’re spoiling them, only you and daddy were in that labour room.

Tooth fairy

Eden lost her first tooth today, it was a long week of try to pull it off. I kept telling her to leave it until it falls off it it, yes part of the reason is that I was terrified to pull it off myself. And she kept running to me to show me it’s bleeding at least 5 times a day. I had forgotten what the excitement is like I mean it’s been at least 6 years since Lissar lost her first tooth, and every time she had a lose tooth little Eden also tried to get her’s lose too. And today finally it fall off, and boy is she ready for the tooth fairy. Lissar almost spilled the beans though about our family tooth fairy. So had to tell to let her little sister enjoy the moment just as she did, then she says “but I know you and daddy would put a coin for me.

I guess we not so good at the tooth fairy job, but we’ll try harder this time around since have two more little people to convince. So I said to Eden” you have to put your tooth in your shoe and hide it under your bed and don’t tell anyone because the tooth fairy doesn’t want to be seen and if someone sees her she will have to go back without leaving you a coin and also someone might steal your tooth (Abby in mind). ” at this point we’re whispering because it’s a secret remember. She’s so excited she keeps coming to whisper about our little secret. I’m here thinking to myself how many more teeth to go? Wow it’s really the little things that count to these little people

8 December 2018 Eden looses her first tooth



Yesterday as I was doing deliveries I had  to park by the side of the road and put a very Aj to sleep, he had enough of the car ride and the heat was not helping. He slept for so long that I had to check his breathing (I know I’m not the only one who does this). Well when we got home boy was still sleeping, he woke up exactly at dinner time and he was so super charged I wanted to cry. I was told never to wake a sleeping baby so yeah I didn’t.

Now when I wanted to sleep Aj did the cutest thing to keep me awake, he was seeing and I had to clap to his tune. These little people grow up so fast, I mean I didn’t know that he knows songs go along with clapping. Oh my boy is musical I’m so happy. Now when I didn’t clap he would call out “mommy” along with a look that asked why aren’t you clapping?


Joys of motherhood.



I remember when my mom had twins, as they started teething they started chewing on her nipples, I know for sure it hurt but it was funny. Well from that day onward I told myself id never breastfeed a day in my life. I mean one of the advice’s she got was if they bit her, she should bite their foreheads to show them that its painful haha, typical of my grate grand mother she’s a big disciplinarian.

But when I had my first daughter I breastfed and at exactly 4 months she stopped, boy was I glad my nipple wasn’t chewed on. then came Eden she breastfed for the longest time until she was 2 years old (even my mother in law still wanted me to continue breastfeeding) but she was such a sweetheart she did bite me one bit. Abby and Aj also stopped at 4 months.

Today I get to watch young mothers like myself get chewed on, I laugh my lungs out.

It’s your time ladies.

2019 ready


2019 is going to be a big year for my family and I, all the children will be going to school (Eden) big school. So here I am planning ahead, its scary but fulfilling I mean education is the best thing you can present your kids with. The previous year when i’d drop Eden and Abby at pre-school Abby would cry for Eden, I’m wondering if Aj would do the same oh how my heart breaks when they cry and they know as you take the turn that they’re being dropped off and start tearing. Now our Christmas will mostly be spent in church so we not spending much, plus my children get gifts throughout the year so Christmas gifts are not a biggie, hence I’ve decided to gift them with stationary.

I am trying out stack packing clothes for Abby and Aj to make mornings easy, also because they take changing clothes. Wait did I mention how excited I am about how early schools are reopening? I’m ecstatic! Another thing I’m relieved I will be packing their lunch boxes to avoid any allergy scares but it gets harder in the summer cause the food flasks aren’t so competent.

Also this means more free time for me and I can get more work done, working from home means I can attend to my family needs at any given time. This is the best decision I’ve made ever. Weekly meal preps are also on the list to avoid the munchkins going to bed on 5 minutes easy meals. A healthy is my second name so I feed my cubs well. I’ve also stocked up on crèche guard since cross-infection is on high in school.

Boy am I ready for 2019.